GRAY, RAPHEAL LADON charged with THEFT >=$30,000 <$150,000

The following information was provided by the Harris County District Clerk’s Office. It is public information and does not reflect any judgments, convictions or opinions.

Name of defendant: GRAY, RAPHEAL LADON
Charged with: THEFT >=$30,000 <$150,000 (F 3) Date of arrest: 20211104 Case number: 174618801010 Date of birth: 1986-09-24 Sex: M Race: B Address: 7336 SANDLE ST City: HOUSTON, TX 77088 Birthplace: TX U.S. Citizen? Y Defendant SPN: 02074809 Next court appearance: 2021-11-08 Attorney Name: () This web site is for informational purposes only and should not be used to run background checks or criminal history inquiries.

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